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Sughd province trade union council

The Council is the most influential public association of the Sughd Region and protects the rights and social-labor rights of trade union members and employees.

How does the council work?

Social partnership


Protection of the rights and interests of employees by concluding collective agreements and contracts.
Safety labor protection

Safety labor

It helps to introduce standards of conditions, safety and labor protection in organizations.
International cooperation


Cooperation with foreign trade union centers and international labor organizations

Council in numbers

Trade union members
Primary trade union organizations
Regional sectoral committees

Latest news



The Council of Trade Unions of the Sughd Region will objectively, impartially and realistically ensure the appeal of individuals and legal entities. The questions raised will find their solutions in a timely manner.

Sughd region

The Sughd region is an administrative region within the Republic of Tajikistan and has an ancient history and a unique geographical position. Its center is the city of Khujand, which has a history of more than 2500 years. The population of the region is 2,902,000 people (September 1, 2023).

On the geographical map of the world, Sughd region is represented in the northern region of the Republic of Tajikistan. The territory of the region is mainly formed by mountains. The Sughd province is the third largest region in Tajikistan and consists of 8 cities, 14 districts and 23 towns. This province is an industrially developed region, mining and beneficiation of non-ferrous and rare metals, mining of gold, coal, oil, gas, marble, granite, gypsum, production of light industry products, food industry, trade and agriculture are very well established.

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